exquAIro foundation

A non-profit institution that fuels medical research

Funding innovative research

ExquAIro is a not-for-profit institute with the ambition to advance the medical and pharmaceutical field through AI education and research. Our education empowers participants to apply AI themselves within their businesses and organizations. At the same time, all profits that result from our training programs are directly reinvested in research. Hereby, the exquAIro foundation is able to fund innovative research streams at the interface of AI and biomedicine.

The combination of education and research generates a unique synergy, where the education material is fueled by new research and unique datasets. Moreover, researchers will have an active role in the education, by providing impact cases or taking on the role as trainer. This way, participants directly benefit from the research funded by the exquAIro foundation.


Do you want to support exquAIro? Donations and receipts for the exquAIro fund can be transferred to the account number of the Support Foundation UMCG. Account number: NL21 ABNA 0423 1266 95 Please mention the following fund number of exquAIro with your donation: 4908.