Medical breakthroughs with AI

Postgraduate education empowering organizations to leverage AI

ExquAIro is an institution for education and research initiated by University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and Rewire to create value in the pharmaceutical and medical field with Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is gaining a lot of traction and has become key in accelerating innovations across industries. ExquAIro makes AI education for professionals available to the pharmaceutical and medical field, enabling organizations to leverage AI opportunities for the innovation and development of new therapies. Aimed at pharma professionals and medical researchers in academia, the program is taught by a faculty of field experts and is based on the proven learning method of GAIN – the Global AI Network. GAIN is trusted and adopted globally by companies like eBay, Heineken and Nike. The curriculum of exquAIro integrates skills through a broad portfolio of trainings, with a strong hands-on approach that facilitates impactful business decisions. ExquAIro is a non-profit initiative, where all profits are used to fund new medical research in a collaborative manner, which in turn fuels the educational content of the program.

AI education for the pharma and medical industry

ExquAIro is a postgraduate education aimed at professionals in pharma and medical research. The curriculum of 40+ modules covers four fundamental domains: Medicine & Biology, Machine Learning & Statistics, Data & Technology, and Leadership & Change. In particular, these modules are tailored for people who work on the drug discovery and development pipeline, from target discovery to clinical development and drug repositioning. ExquAIro enables participants to apply Artificial Intelligence and machine learning methods within their organization. The amount of new data in this field is growing exponentially. With AI, participants can leverage the opportunities of the new data sources, and better utilize existing datasets. For management and board level, exquAIro offers an executive program that is aimed at identifying the impactful applications of AI within their organization and discerning the hype from reality.

Unlocking opportunities

Artificial Intelligence is becoming board priority at more and more organizations. In the pharmaceutical and medical field, there is a growing awareness that AI unlocks new opportunities, but it can be difficult to discern hype from reality. Despite this cross-border field still being in its early days, success stories are there to tell. To give an example, AI is the designated tool to valorize today’s increasing amount of complex data (e.g. multi-omics and imaging). What’s more, new targets are discovered using AI, new drugs are designed and AI-driven oncology diagnostics are being adopted in clinical practice. Still, in order for AI to realize true business impact and deliver on its potential, skilled people are pivotal. The same holds for the capability to bring people with different backgrounds together, to really integrate AI in the organization, and build successful use cases.

And this is where exquAIro comes in!