Accelerate your Data & AI talents for cutting edge medical impact

ExquAIro is bringing a novel AI education for medical professionals with a new open standard for AI education to the medical and pharmaceutical field. The curriculum is tailored for different roles and functions throughout the medical research and drug discovery & development pipeline. Each training follows a hands-on approach that facilitates impactful business decisions. In this way, professionals are empowered to start implementing their new learnings directly

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What exquAIro offers:

  • More than 40 courses to cover the wide range of the AI field, with the goal to create next generation medical breakthroughs with AI
  • Education fueled by innovative research, taught by the researchers themselves
  • Entrance into a network of AI pioneers in the medical field.
  • Co-creation vision and innovative research proposals with AI experts.
  • ExquAIro funding for groundbreaking AI-centric medical research projects.

While AI is delivering tangible results within the industry, there is also substantial buzz about it. Being able to discern hype from reality is vital to make informed decisions on how to effectively leverage AI opportunities. That’s why ExquAIro also offers an executive program, for leaders to learn the key concepts of AI, and how to actively steer its development in a responsible manner.

Learning by doing

The education of exquAIro is centered around a hands-on approach that allows participants to directly translate theory into practice. Rather than listening to a lecture, participants are constantly challenged to learn by doing. They apply – and reinforce – their learnings in a wide range of assignments, from presentations to puzzles to coding cases.

The courses provide real-life cases that come directly from the medical and pharmaceutical field. This allows participants to apply AI techniques on unique datasets that resemble the data they (can) work with within their own organization. Data analysis and programming are key elements in these cases.

Building upon the GAIN Learning Method

ExquAIro builds upon the learning method of GAIN (the Global Artificial Intelligence Network). This method is based on 15+ years of experience in AI & Data Analytics training. GAIN uses a modular setup with standardized and accredited trainings, delivered by trainers with extensive experience in designing and building AI solutions. The modular and scalable setup of the program enables organizations to build their own in-house AI academy. The GAIN method is already adopted and scaled by blue-chip companies, such as Heineken, eBay and Nike, at a global scale. This standard in AI education now becomes available for a medical audience.

Interdisciplinary development areas for creating value in (bio)medical research

Medical Biology & Genetics

A methodical approach for tackling essential medical challenges. An effective research balances sufficient understanding of (cell) biology with a deeper understanding of multi-omics. This enables the researcher to be able to interpret findings correctly and understand potential biases in the data.

Impact & Leadership

Future-proof analytical impact requires that the entire organization is affected and willing to pursue the right direction. Strong analytical leaders use their developed personality to set course, create enthusiasm and shape the company culture towards this goal.

Machine Learning & Statistics

Machine Learning & Statistics are the analytical powerhouse of AI solutions. Understanding the potential of AI & Analytics, key concepts, newest techniques and methods, its limitations, and management for durable impact, enables a truly fruitful cooperation between analysts and the broader organization.

Data & Technology

Data & Technology is the prerequisite of analytical impact. The architecture and technology to access and store data, the management of its quality, the practical use of analytical tooling, and the design and execution of analytical business applications are vital to reach business goals.

Setup of the program