Kick-off of the Second Phase of the Data & AI Bootcamp by exquAIro

Groningen, January 8, 2024 – The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and exquAIro jointly announce the launch of the second phase of the Data & AI Bootcamp. This milestone event was officially inaugurated by Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort Schuit, board member at UMCG, and Marnix Bügel, board member at exquAIro, in the presence of participating biomedical researchers and a crowd of AI experts and enthusiasts.

This innovative bootcamp is an advanced AI educational program, developed by exquAIro. Over a total span of six weeks, 10 highly motivated biomedical researchers from UMCG are delved deep into the realms of data science and AI in health. Their journey will end with final presentations, showcasing how their new skillset will advance their future research.

About the ExquAIro Bootcamp

ExquAIro is a foundation, initiated by UMCG and MIcompany, with the mission to create medical breakthroughs with AI. This mission is realized by two tightly connected services education and research. The education is aimed at medical researchers and pharmaceutical professionals. The bootcamp program for the UMCG, launched in the fourth quarter of 2023, aims to empower the next generation research leaders  with advanced analytical techniques and AI methodologies, accelerating their research prowess. The inaugural batch witnessed numerous researchers taking significant strides in integrating AI into their biomedical research.

Developing New Treatments with AI

In an era where (bio)medical data are proliferating at an unprecedented rate – exemplified by the doubling of human genome data every seven months over the past decade – AI stands as a crucial tool. It aids in discerning patterns within this voluminous data, paving the way for groundbreaking insights and applications in healthcare. From predictive models for optimal treatments to unearthing novel genetic targets, AI’s potential is steadily being realized in healthcare.

“The need for medical professionals adept at translating healthcare data into groundbreaking innovations and therapies is more pressing than ever,” remarks Marnix Bügel, founder of MIcompany. “Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer, potentially revolutionizing drug development, discovering new medications, and formulating novel therapies.”

ExquAIro and the GAIn Learning Method

The exquAIro educational program harnesses the GAIn learning method, a globally acknowledged standard in AI education. This method emphasizes a hands-on approach, enabling participants to immediately apply new theories to real-world scenarios. Notably, global corporations like Heineken, eBay, and Nike have adopted the GAIn method to establish in-house AI academies. Through exquAIro, this cutting-edge training is now accessible to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. The curriculum spans over 40 courses, covering four key domains: Medicine & Biology, Machine Learning & Statistics, Data & Technology, and Leadership & Change.